Monday, July 30, 2018

Two Phillips County Inventors

On July 5, 1983 two Phillips County men -- John O. Moore of West Helena and Ray H. Dawson of Lexa -- were granted the right to a patent by the U.S. Patent Office.

This is the official description of their invention:  A recirculating sprayer adapted for mounting on a vehicle is improved for use at increased travel speed and for operation in higher wind conditions by angling the solid spray streams forwardly or rearwardly from a direction transverse to the travel direction.

The sprays are employed in criss-cross, opposite pairs, with the spray stream patterns of adjacent pairs of spray nozzles abutting or overlapping one another for full coverage of all upstanding weeds or crops in an area traversed by the sprayer.

A series of collector mats or panels may be arranged transverse to the travel direction, with sprays trained thereon for contacting each weed twice in its upstanding position once by each spray of a pair; the weeds may also be contacted once more as they are bent forward to pass beneath the panels and a reservoir thereunder.

The collector may also be arranged in panels parallel to the travel direction, for increased ease in negotiating sloping terrain. Spray liquid is collected from the collector panel(s) into reservoirs therebelow and is recirculated for reuse.

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