Monday, August 20, 2018

Huntington Library - Pasadena, CA

Papers Of Helena Black Men
Held By California Library

The collection of 39 items consists primarily of material from both James Milo Alexander and John Hanks Alexander. 
There are various pieces of correspondence such as letters to family members and a letter designating Stevedore Cantonment in Virgina as Camp Alexander (1918) in John Hanks Alexander's honor. 
James Milo Alexander is represented by several items including: Two account books (1862-1865), various certificates including a permit to carry arms for home defense (1865), a marriage certificate after emancipation (1866), a birth notice for his daughter, Glenn A. Alexander (1856), and a small photograph. 
The collection also contains a few pieces of printed matter including an announcement for a meeting to celebrate the ratification of the 15th Amendment to the Constitution (1870) and a newspaper clipping from 1939. There is an itinerary written by John Hanks Alexander of the march of "M" Troop, 9th Cavalry from Fort Washakie, Wyoming to Fort DuChesne, Utah (1888). The collection also contains a few letters to to Titus Alexander, brother of John Hanks Alexander.
James Milo Alexander was a former slave who became prominent in Arkansas politics and business during the Reconstruction Period. His son, John Hanks Alexander, was the second African American to graduate from West Point in 1887. After graduation, he served with the 9th U. S. Calvary until his death. Camp Alexander, Virginia was named after him in 1918.

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