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Pilfering Yankee Bluecoats Bankrupt
Helena Doctor; Send Him
To An Early Grave

Many land records were in the name of Joshua Deputy, and by the time he was a practicing physician it appears he started using the name Joseph S Deputy.

Dr. Deputy was the oldest child of Joshua Deputy (1783-1870) and his second wife, Mary Woods Deputy (1788-1875), and a native of the state of Indiana.

In 1842 Dr. Deputy located to Helena, Arkansas where he established a large and lucrative medical practice and later accumulated a large amount of property. His sister Hetty Knowlton also lived there too.In 1844 Dr. Deputy married Nancy Alexander, the daughter of Lawson H & Lucy Jane 'Jane' (Alexander) Alexander. The Alexander family owned many plantations. Nancy died October 29th 1855 in Phillips County, Arkansas.

Dr. & Mrs. Deputy had three children, Lucy wife of Pvt John H Penney, Mark who went on to become a doctor like his father, and Quintina M Deputy who was a dedicated teacher.

During the summer of 1862, even though Dr. Deputy hired his own guards to protect his 700+ acres, soldiers pilfered Deputy's food storage, barns, crops, tools, livestock, and acres of fences anyway.
Taking ill from the loss of all his assets, Deputy fell into a sea of whiskey [1] and drank himself to death in the fall of 1862.

After Dr. Deputy's death, his children sued the United States government for all the damages that were done to his property during the Civil War -- Over $58,000 .
In 1874, the heirs were awarded a mere $9,344.

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