Monday, September 16, 2019

Diablo The New Helena Novel by MARK GRISHAM

The saga begins outside of Helena, Arkansas, a small river town about 50 miles south of Memphis. A beautiful, yet contentious woman named Amanda Walker, is kidnapped from her home in the early morning hours by four desperate men. Her husband, Duvall discovers she is missing & reluctantly begins the search for his wife. After talking to several ‘river men’, he is convincedthat she has been kidnapped & sold down the river into sexual slavery. The journey to rescue her finds him & his flatboat crew, searching in almost every town along both sides of the river until they end up in New Orleans. Along the way, Duvall finds himself falling for a female member of his crew & then realizes that she has the same feelings. Torn between doing what is right & what is easy, he tries to remain faithful to his wife until he can find her.

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